About Us

Have you ever listened to a podcast so captivating that you stayed in your car to finish it, after you've already parked at your destination? We certainly have! Podelight is built by Ed and Dave, two guys who love podcasts. We want to make the podcast discovery and listening experience truly delightful.

There is so much exceptional podcast content out there. We've been addicted to Serial, inspired by Startup, astonished by Invisibilia, and provoked by TED Talks. Despite the growing breadth of excellent content, we found it increasingly painful and inefficient to discover new podcasts. Podelight was created to help podcast lovers easily discover amazing audio content that match their unique interests.

Podelight is currently in Beta. We know the product is far from perfect, and we would love your help. We rely on users like you to give us honest feedback. Shoot us an email or just use the 'Feedback' widget on the bottom right of the website. Please tell us how we can improve Podelight to make it truly delightful for you!

Last but not least, we are just two guys without a marketing budget. So, if you like our website, please tell your friends about Podelight. Thank you so much for being a beta user!