Help - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have questions not answered below, please send us email with your questions. Feel free to also send us your feedback via email or the 'Feedback' widget on the bottom right of the website.

Q: What is Podelight?

A: Podelight is a free service that recommends great podcasts to you based on your interests. After telling Podelight about your favorite podcasts and your interests, you'll receive a list of recommended podcasts for you to check out. Our recommendation improves over time as you tell us what recommendations you like or dislike.

Q: Why is Podelight in 'Beta'?

A: We just launched Podelight and it is definitely a work in progress. We wanted to get the website out there ASAP to start receiving user feedback. There is a very long list of functionality we want to build but have not yet built, which is why we consider the product in beta. Also, we really want to get your feedback on how we can improve the site, and was hoping a beta site will receive more feedback. So, please give us frank and frequent feedback on how we can help make your podcast discovery and listening experience truly delightful.

Q: How does Podelight generate its recommendations?

A: Podelight uses a proprietary algorithm to generate our recommendations tailored to your interests. We take into account your favorite podcasts, your interests, as well as what you tell us about how you liked our recommendations, and match it against our library of top quality podcasts to find you podcasts you will love.

Q: What happens when I 'like' or 'dislike' a recommendation?

A: When you tell us you like or love a recommendation and that you've listened to the podcast before, we will adjusts our algorithm to show you more podcasts like it. In the case you loved the podcast, we will also add it to your Favorites list. If you like the recommendation and have not listened to the podcast before, we will add it to your Discovery Playlist for you to check it out later. If you tell us you dislike a recommendation, we will adjust our algorithm to show you less podcasts similar to it.

Q: When should I say a podcast is one of my favorites?

We think of favorites as podcasts that you love and can't get enough of. These are podcasts you subscribe to and always enjoy. We strive to help you discover more podcasts that you will love, like these favorites.

Q: What is the Discovery Playlist?

The Discovery Playlist is where we track new podcasts you discovered on Podelght. You can easily email this list to yourself to make it easier to check out these podcasts later. You can add up to five podcasts to your Discovery Playlist.

Q: Who is behind Podelight?

A: Podelight was built by Ed and Dave, two guys who love podcast. You can find out more about Podelight on our About Us page.