Dumb People Town Episode: Tom Segura - A Plaque That Reads “Unjustice”

Tom Segura - A Plaque That Reads “Unjustice”

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This week, Tom Segura drives his truck down to Dumb People Town while half-naked. The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk discuss Tom’s new album “Mostly Stories,” including Tom’s “Scared Straight” bit and its real-life repercussions. In Story #1, a burglar attempts to board a spaceship, and we meet a lawyer who’s just trying to best serve his client. We also hear stories about Randy’s expired passport, the drowned rat in Jason’s pool, and banana rats (!?) at Gitmo. The group discusses Tom and Christina Pazsitzky’s podcast, Your Mom’s House! Story #2 brings us a man who sends sex workers to his neighbor’s house...for years. And Story #3 is the tale of a desperate man on a beer run. To top it all off, a phone call from Steven Avery to his potential new legal counsel.

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