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A comedy podcast to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes.

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Andrew Santino, Ron Funches, Dan Soder join me in Montreal for live podcast from the Just For Laughs festival and talked about the topic of regret. I don't know. I choose topics. It was great, though. So much fun. Those guys kill. And Bert Kreischer joins me for the intro and adds some regret of his own.

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Dave Smith came over to my apartment in NY to record our annual "State of America" podcast. This year, we ended up focusing waaaay more on social issues than political ones. But of course, since it's Dave, we still hit on plenty of politics, too.  Check out Dave Smith's own podcast, "Part of the Problem." He also has a special out now on as well as and clips are up on YouTube.   The wandering Jew will be returning to America to tour the "Ari Shaffir: Jew" show. Oakland     -    December 30 - New Parrish Sacaramento - January 3-5   - Punchline Wash, DC    -   January 15  -   Sixth and I (storyteller show)  Denver      -     Jan 24-27  -    Comedy Works Salt Lake  -      Feb 1-2      -   Wiseguys (storyteller shows)

Carl Donnelly met me in his Edinburgh flat to talk about his divorce. And really about breaking up in general. Ryan Sickler joined me briefly on the interview to add in a little about his breakup with his fiancé. This podcast was recorded in Los Angeles, edited in London, the outro was recorded in Dublin, and it was uploaded in Brussels.    I'm on a European tour right now. Amsterdam 27/11 Stockholm 29/11 Stavanger 30/11 Berlin 2/12 Copenhagen 4/12 Oslo 5/12 Zurich 9/12 Tel Aviv (storyteller show) 15/12 Jerusalem 18/12 Oakland (New Parrish) 12/30/2019 Sacramento - 1/3-1/5 Washington DC (storyteller show) 1/15 Denver 1/24-1/27 SLC (storyteller shows) 2/1-2/2 San Diego 2/15-2/17 Los Angeles 2/19  

Fahim Anwar met me at the Comedy Store to talk about the glory days of illegal downloads. We talk about Napster, about CD burners, threatening letters from cable providers, and mods for gaming systems. It was a great discussion between two colleagues. Not colleagues in comedy, which we are, but colleagues in piracy. Because at our hearts, that's what we really are. We are pirates. Make sure to watch Fahim on Comedy Central in the Goatface special November 27 at 11pm and watch his special now streaming on    My European tour goes in this order Iceland UK (sold out) Dublin (sold out) Brussels Amsterdam Stockholm Stavanger Berlin Copenhagen Oslo Zurich Tel Aviv (storyteller show) Jerusalem   Then back to America at the end of the year and beginning of 2019 with: Oakland Sacramento Washington DC (storyteller show) Denver San Diego Phoenix/Tempe Miami/West Palm

Sam Morril came over to my apartment to talk about the Knicks. He's just about the biggest Knicks fan I know. It's just him and Michael Che at the top for comedians. So we sat down and talked about a lifetime of Knicks memories from a New York boy. Sam has a new special out now called Positive Influence. You can watch it for free with no ads from now till the end of November at   My Tour Dates: Shooter Live Table Read - November 11 Reykjavik - November 16 Brighton - November 19 (Sold Out) London - November 21&22 (Sold Out) Manchester - November 23 (Sold Out) Dublin - November 25 (Early Show Added) Brussels - November 26 Amsterdam - November 27 Stockholm - November 29 Stavanger - November 30 Berlin - December 2 Copenhagen - December 4 Oslo - December 5 Zurich - December 9 Jerusalem (December date coming soon)

Liza Treyger had me over to her new apartment to talk Simpsons. It was my favorite show in high school and college and I was put to shame by the love Liza had towards it. We talked about episodes, toys, memories of watching it, and even fought a little bit about stuff we have no control over. Make sure to watch Liza RIGHT NOW on Netflix's newest standup series, "The Degenerates."

Louis Katz joins me for an album commentary episode where we break down his first album, If These Balls could talk. We did this over a 4 month period for some reason so there are these giant cuts in time. But it all comes together. As the Killers would say, "Praise God." Louis Katz has a new album out TODAY called Katzkills. If you liked this episode go buy Katzkills on iTunes. Help support him in return for putting out this episode for you guys.

Come with me on a casual walk around the East Village of Manhattan as I match Brad's workout output in a revealing expose on the nature of his points during the workout challenge.  Based on this new information, we can all forget the points, we know who's REALLY winning the challenge to see who puts in the most work. Well, actually, according to that, it's clearly Rogan. But we know who's really LOSING the challenge to see who puts in the most work.

Steve Bugeja had me over to his flat in Edinburgh to talk about Jewish summer camp. Steve was a counselor one year at a camp right around the corner from where I spent 6 summers as a camper. It was a fun conversation about sleep away camp in general and about the Jewish kind in particular. ROAD DATES Phoenix - Storyteller show - October 27 Los Angeles - Ari Shaffir: Jew - November 6 Brooklyn - Shooter: A Live Table Read (with Danish & Oneill) - November 11 European Tour - Ari Shaffir: Jew - Iceland, Brighton, London, Manchester, Dublin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Stavanger, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo, Zurich - November 16 thru December 9  

Brant Krislop came to my apartment to talk about fun. We sat in my backyard, smoked cigars, and thought about what fun has meant to us over the years. Fun in childhood. Fun in adulthood. Fun with friends. Fun alone. The conversation itself was actually fun.    Brett has a new special out on Netflix right now called Secret Time.    My Road Dates Austin - September 19-22 Phoenix - October 27 New York Storyteller Show - October 30 Shooter Table Read in New York with Danish&Oneill- November 11 European Tour - November 16-December 9  

Daniel Sloss came over to my flat in Edinburgh to tell stories about all the pranks he and his friends have played on each other. They get down. And Sloss is not someone who takes it well so be careful. Sam Morril joined me on the intro, too.   Daniel Sloss has TWO Netflix specials out today. Dark and Jigsaw. Check them out now. He's a great comic.   Road Schedule I'll be in Austin at Cap City Sep 19-22.  Phoenix for a storyteller show Oct 27 And my European tour goes Nov 16-Dec 9.