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Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life with less.

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001 | Declutter



Joshua & Ryan discuss best practices for decluttering, and they attempt to answer the following questions: What is one thing you always thought you wanted, but then, once you got it, you no longer wanted it? How do you gradually declutter your home? How do you explain greed in our society? What do you do with old photos after you scan them? How do you deal with the natural pulling away from friends with different values? When is The Minimalists’ documentary coming out? What charities do The Minimalists support? Do The Minimalists gain any money from their website? Detailed show notes:  

Joshua & Ryan discuss their personal stories, as well as the format of their new podcast. Detailed show notes:

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145 | Challenges



Joshua & Ryan talk about their personal challenges, and they answer the following questions: What aspects of minimalism have you found particularly challenging, and how have you overcome those challenges? How do I return to challenging myself in my discomfort zone after an extended period of time spent in my comfort zone? Is procrastination always bad? How do I best manage a relationship with a loved one that collects stuff? Detailed show notes: Support The Minimalists:

144 | Simpleliving



Joshua & Ryan answer an assortment of difficult questions about simple living, including: How do you define simple living? How do I incorporate simple eating practices into my simple living practices? How do I maintain my minimalist lifestyle with a non-minimalist roommate? What one thing can I do immediately that will have the most significant impact on my adoption of a minimalist lifestyle? How do I find a balance between “living my present” and “worrying about my future”? How do I break my strong attachment to my stuff? How do I maintain my minimalist lifestyle among those in my social circle obsessed with material goods and money? How do I reduce my family’s entertainment expenses while still keeping my children happy? How do I make my home cozy without “unnecessary” things? How do I craft a simple life with the little personal time I have as a constantly hustling freelance entrepreneur? What are your thoughts on the tiny house movement? How do I make simple living fun for my family? How do I become a minimalist as a teenager? What cultures offer exemplary examples of simple living? How do I maintain simple living practices without the fear of missing out? Will living a simple life lead to living a bland life? How do I slow down to enjoy life when everyone around me is so busy? How do I live a simple life while balancing my responsibilities related to work, school, and family? How can I make housecleaning a simpler process? Detailed show notes: Support The Minimalists:

143 | Indebted



Joshua & Ryan sit down with Anthony ONeal, author of 5 Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make in College, to discuss school debt, consumer debt, scholarships, credit scores, and credit cards, and they answer the following questions: How do I strike a balance between paying off my student loan debt and building my dreams? How can I attend college with no money? How do I justify buying things of value when I’m in debt? How do I pay off my significant student loan debt with my modest income? Detailed show notes: Support The Minimalists:

142 | Anxiety



Joshua & Ryan discuss anxiety, worry, and stress, and how they personally deal with these negative emotions, and they answer the following questions: How do I reduce my priorities to reduce my anxiety? How do I minimize my worry and indecisiveness to minimize my anxiety? Will simply letting go of stuff help me shed my anxiety? How do I rid myself of the physical feelings of anxiety? Detailed show notes: Support The Minimalists:

141 | Parents



Joshua & Ryan discuss the best ways to explain minimalism to your parents and other relatives, and they answer the following questions: How do I address my parents’ toxic, wholly unsupportive relationship with me, and how do I forgive them for it? How do I help my loved ones better understand my lifestyle choices so they simply accept me? What do I do when my parents ask me to clear their clutter for them, but they won’t let go of anything? How do I help my aging parents understand that many of the possessions they want to pass along to loved ones have little intrinsic or extrinsic value? Detailed show notes: Support The Minimalists:  

140 | Buying



Joshua & Ryan discuss tips for buying things intentionally, and they answer the following questions: How do I stop myself from compulsively consuming? When you must consume, what brands do you trust? How do I manage my professional responsibilities and obligations to make more time for my personal pursuits? Should I spend more money on better products, or should I save money purchasing less inexpensive products that might be less durable? What criteria do you ensure a product meets before you purchase it? Detailed show notes: Support The Minimalists:

139 | Access



Joshua & Ryan discuss ownership of things versus access to things with Ryan Delk from Omni, and they answer the following questions: Is ownership simply a matter of satisfying one’s ego? Is it always better to rent something instead of buying it? Should I invest in things I use frequently instead of minimizing everything? How do I determine what I must own compared to what I can have access to? How do I enjoy the benefits of streaming services without the stress of the expense and the constant notifications? Where do I draw the line between ownership and access regarding items that adapt and evolve as I use them, such as musical instruments? Why does our culture place such an emphasis on ownership? Detailed show notes: You can support The Minimalists Podcast at

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138 | Healthproblems



Joshua brings his doctors from NBT onto the podcast to discuss his personal health problems, including fatigue, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, digestive issues, gut health, back pain, multiple chemical sensitivities, brain fog, low libido, erectile dysfunction, heavy-metal poisoning, and more, and they answer the following questions: Is there a link between excess material possessions and an increase in mental health issues? What’s the best way to support someone who is dealing with a serious health problem? How do I take responsibility for my health without obsessing over it? How do I safely recover from burnout? Why do we seem to have more health problems today than we ever had in the past? How do I best deal with chronic fatigue syndrome? Can I safely detox from heavy metals on my own? What are your thoughts on the low-carb, ketogenic, and Whole30 diets? How necessary are most supplements? How do I attain and maintain good gut health? What are the symptoms of Candida overgrowth, and what natural remedies will eliminate it? Detailed show notes: You can support The Minimalists Podcast at

137 | Direction



Joshua & Ryan chat with T.K. Coleman about goals, direction, standards, and expectations, and they answer the following questions: How do I determine what’s most important to me so I can shape my professional and personal goals around it? How do I pursue my interests and simultaneously purge my guilt for not attending college? What can I use to motivate me to take action on challenging pursuits that interest me? How do I find the right direction when I realize I’m going the wrong way? Detailed show notes: You can support The Minimalists Podcast at