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Lewis Howes is a NYT bestselling author, lifestyle entrepreneur, former pro athlete and world record holder in football. The goal of the School of Greatness is to share inspiring stories from the most brilliant business minds, world class athletes and influential celebrities on the planet; to help you find out what makes great people great. Find out more at

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Justin Baldoni is currently best known currently for his lead role on the hit show Jane the Virgin. But he's been creating extraordinary work in film long before that. In fact, I'm betting you've seen some of his best work -- as a director -- on YouTube. Do you remember a few years back the incredible videos of people who were in their last days, fighting terminal illnesses, and sharing their stories? That was Justin's documentary, My Last Days, the most watched digital documentary in history. Or maybe you saw the video of him proposing to his wife (that went viral).

Truly. Coach Chris Lee is a longtime podcast favorite (this is his 12th episode on the show!) and there's no mistake about why. Not only has he had a massive impact on my life as my coach, from the first time I took his workshop through today, but he has generously shared his wisdom with us on the show for years. There's a reason I keep bringing him back on. Chris knows the human psyche and heart really well. He understands why we do what we do and how to elevate our whole lives to the next level. That's what he's been coaching me on for years.

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Calm Your Mind



In today’s world, it’s easy to get swept into other people’s emotions. Social media, news, and even just a hectic lifestyle can make it challenging to ever feel at peace. But it’s something you need to concentrate on. When your mind is always cluttered, it’s difficult to make the right decisions. Opportunities became unclear, unfocused. I’m sure you’ve heard taking time to meditate is important for you. And sure, for those 5 or 10 minutes you may feel like your mind is clear. Then what? Meditation should go well beyond a specific time frame. It’s a practice that should be implemented throughout your day, especially when you feel a flood of emotions or thoughts. Calming your mind is a skill you need to develop and use all throughout the day - everyday. Knowing that things are often more drastic in your mind than in reality. That some things happening to you are meant to be and our resistance only makes them worse. To go deeper into what I mean, and the importance of keeping your mind calm, I’ve brought back this clip from Andy Puddicombe. If you aren’t familiar with Andy, he’s a truly unique individual. Not only did he spend time living with monks, but he studied at the Moscow State Circus and got a degree in circus arts. He shared some of his inside tips on how he keeps his mind clear and peaceful, even when he’s got a lot going on at work, or things seems to be stressful in her personal relationships. Get ready to find peace and clarity in this hectic world, on Episode 681. In This Episode You Will Learn: How you can navigate your emotions in a busy life (00:48) What Andy does when his wife is agitated (1:49) Andy’s go to mantra (2:43) How to handle tense situations (3:48)

I don’t know if you know this, but I used to be TERRIFIED of speaking. I couldn’t get up in front of my class to give presentations. I was even scared to read in front of a few friends. Any time I had to speak before a big games, I was trembling. Public speaking is one of the most important tools, no matter what your career is. You need to be able to properly present yourself so you seem confident, and people trust you. Thanks to some training I was able to overcome this fear. Today, I get on stage in front of thousands for people and make a lot of money doing it. For this episode, I decided to give you some tips that can potentially change you life like it has mine. I wanted to share some of the lessons I’ve learned on what makes a great presenter, which is why I put together this new mashup for you. This one is really powerful. I hand picked some of the best words of wisdom from people like Michael Port, Bo Eason, Carmine Gallo, and Sean Stephenson. Don’t miss this one. I know you’ll be able to take a lot away from these guys, so get ready to take notes. This episode could easily change the trajectory of your life. You’ll be learning all about what makes a great speaker , on Episode 680. In This Episode You Will Learn: Why it doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or extrovert (6:33) How to be a better performer (7:32) Where criticism comes into play (10:07) How to find your voice (11:44) Where you should start your stories (12:15) How to get people to connect with you (14:30) What to do if you don’t think you have a great story (16:38) How to find your pacing (19:18) How to properly use body language (22:12) How to leave someone breathless (23:29) The thing that makes other people trust you (24:48)

Dr. Joe Joe Dispenza, D.C. is an international lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and educator who has been invited to speak in more than 32 countries on five continents. As a lecturer and educator, he is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities. In his easy-to-understand, encouraging, and compassionate style, he has educated thousands of people, detailing how they can rewire their brains and recondition their bodies to make lasting changes. As a researcher, Dr. Joe’s passion can be found at the intersection of the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics to explore the science behind spontaneous remissions. He uses that knowledge to help people heal themselves of illnesses, chronic conditions, and even terminal diseases so they can enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life, as well as evolve their consciousness. The mind is so much more powerful than we give it credit for. Be ready to open your mind, learn how to be present, and heal yourself permanently on Episode 679. Some Questions I Ask: What was the theory about water from What the Bleep? (1:17) What are the four common things people do to heal with their mind? (8:44) How do we become greater than the body? (14:44) Do you rehearse where you want to be daily?(23:17) What does it take to change? (32:35) Your body will create balance for you? (38:27) What if we want good things to come faster? (46:22) When was the last time you felt an overwhelming about of love? (50:44) What’s your definition of surrender? (58:07) What challenge would you give out listeners? (1:06:24) In This Episode You Will Learn: When Dr. Joe started believing in the philosophy that the mind can heal anything (2:27) Why we stay stuck in bad relationships and bad jobs (11:07) How we can change our energy (31:34) How you can get to the point where you are in the present (35:33) How to get into the heart (42:12) When you experience the most love (47:56) If Dr. feels like he’s answered the questions for himself (57:48) What Dr. Joe’s mission is right now (59:28) Dr. Joe’s greatest teacher (1:11:24) What the Quantum Field is (20:33) How to change your life (31:04)

Happiness Through Hardship



We’ve all been through a lot in life. I know there’s been a lot of times you’ve felt tested, and even just beat down. As you’ve gone through these challenges you’ve acquired sets of skills to help you get through them. Those are important skills that have helped you along your journey, whether you realize it or not. Unfortunately, though, your skills may not help you with what’s next. Life is about continually growing your tool box and being adaptive and not giving up on what you were meant to do. Even though it may be hard to know what that is, you just have to follow your heart. Live for yourself, not for others. That doesn’t mean be malicious. You still need compassion and companionship. Just know you can do good for yourself and others at the same time. On this episode of 5 Minute Friday, I wanted to bring you back and episode from Chris Guillebeau. Chris is a NY TImes Best Selling Author, a modern day explorer, and has been to nearly every country in the world. He’s certainly faced an overwhelming amount of challenges, some we can only imagine. That’s why I felt he was the best person to dive even deeper into this lesson. Learn all about compassion and building your skill sets through your personal trials, on Episode 678. In This Episode You Will Learn: What makes a true quest (00:42) How to know when to continue the quest and when to stop (1:39) Why you need to keep building skill sets (2:24) Something you should give that’s better than advice (3:49) If Chris feels he’s been getting enough companionship (4:16) Chris’ definition of happiness (5:18)

When Leslie started, his only dream was to be in Rent. When he made it, he was left to find a new dream. He struggled for a long time not finding any work. One day his eyes were opened by a mentor as to what he was doing wrong. He wasn’t respecting his industry. He had to show the universe what he wanted. He started taking beginner acting classes, and really researching every brand, role, producer, writer, etc before going out for an audition. The moment he made this mind shift, the universe responded and he was booked non stop for six years. Amazing. You really need to learn from his wisdom on this one. So, learn how to combat your fear of failure, mentally prepare for huge opportunity, and how to be an advocate for yourself, on Episode 677. Some Questions I Ask: There was a time you thought you’d end your acting career, is that right? (8:22) What do you think is the biggest lesson you learned from your mentors? (10:59) Were you proactively calling people at the time? (20:43) What did you see when you watched your audition playback? (28:32) How do you show up with the same passion and drive when you have so much to lose? (30:06) What did you say to yourself right before the mic turned on? (34:23) What was your dream growing up? (40:02) What happens if we dream too small? (42:33) How long did you think before you made your decision not to take the money? (48:04) How did you keep your belief? (53:43) In This Episode You Will Learn: The importance of mentors (9:39) What made Leslie take action (17:06) Why you need to respect your industry (24:26) How he lost his fire in his twenties (29:46) What Leslie says to himself before a big performance like the Super Bowl (31:34) How you can be a stronger advocate for yourself (36:53) How Leslies deals with finding a new dream (41:38) Leslie’s struggle between Hamilton and a big TV deal (44:54) Why it’s good to be the worst in your class (52:34) The song Leslie most loves to sing (54:43)

I am so excited to share something really big with you. It’s something I’ve been working on for a long time now. I have a new Facebook Watch show that’s available to view now: Inspiring Life with Lewis Howes. This is something I created for you. I wanted to help improve the lives of 100 million people. In order to do so I knew I needed to team up with one of the biggest networks to make it happen. By that I don’t mean a traditional network that’s burning out, like one on TV. I meant the next big network. That’s why I teamed up with Facebook to make this happen. They have more users than any other network, and I knew I could be on the forefront of something truly special. On top of it all, I have something exciting that can directly affect you personally. I’m having a contest for you to come out and hang with me in LA. That’s right, I’m looking to have 5 lucky viewers come out to LA to hang out with me. I’m going to pay for your flight, I’m going to pay for your hotel room. On top of that, you’ll be on the School of Greatness. You’ll have lunch with me and a very special guest (who will remain nameless for now). I’m not stopping there either. You’ll also get two free tickets to the Summit of Greatness (which isn’t cheap) and a School of Greatness Grab Bag, which will come with some of my favorite products and goodies. Plus, more bonuses and surprises. Honestly, I don’t know exactly how much this all comes to but I know it’s a value of thousands of dollars to five lucky guests. So listen to this episode to hear the 4 simple steps it takes to win all of these prizes, and I’ll give you some behind the scene details on what my show is, how I made it, and everything it took to get it started. Learn all about my new Facebook Watch Show, Inspiring Life with Lewis Howes, on Episode 676. In This Episode You Will Learn: The contest to hang out with me (5:37) How many winners I’ll be picking (7:14) An extra special bonus (9:11) The four steps to win (10:21) What it was like to make the show (11:50) How I sold the show (14:53) A lesson on making a big move in your life (18:45) How I recovered from being a people pleaser (21:48) What you need to find (26:21) What our first practice round was like (30:08) Why I created the show (34:22) When I will be announcing the winner (38:32) The vision of this show (40:38)

Look Good Naked



Health is one of the most important things to me. If your body isn’t operating at 100% efficiency then your mind can’t either. A lot of this really does come down to diet. On a good diet, you will burn fat efficiently. You’ll have a healthier heart, your brain will function properly, and your body will be able to repair itself properly. This last part is huge for those who are recovering from surgery, or dealing with various diseases. Plus, there’s an added benefit on top of it all - you will lose weight and look great naked. Who doesn’t want that? To talk about the importance of a solid diet and how it can make a huge impact on your life overall, I brought back this clip from Mark Sisson. Mark talks about the importance of diet, all of the problems he’s seen it solve, and some myths that even professionals have about diet, specifically with protein shakes. Learn all about how you can look good naked, on Episode 675. In This Episode You Will Learn: Where Look Good Naked came from (00:37) Why people really want to LGN (00:57) What a typical day looks like for Mark (1:46) If you should really have a protein shake (2:48) The difference between a sugar burner and fat burner (3:12)

Since we've hit over 650 episodes on the School of Greatness, I wanted to record a little intro episode for any newcomers who are just discovering the show. I know it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start if you're just now diving into over 5 years of epic conversations on the show. So I recorded a short intro to explain what the show is about, how often we post new episodes, and a few of my personal recommendations of where to start. Be sure to subscribe to the show on your favorite listening platform and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to see videos of the episodes! More than everything, I want to say welcome to the Greatness community! I'm so glad you're here. If you enjoy the show, it would mean the world to me if you'd leave a review in the Apple Podcasts (or iTunes) app to let me know.

Tony Hawk pushes the limits not just in his sport, but also in his business. His video games have become one of the biggest franchises in history. Spoiler: There’s even more coming in October. I felt so fortunate for Tony to come in and sit down on the. He’s an incredibly smart and dedicated person. Tony sat down with me to discuss how he has been able to be successful in his marriage as well as his business life. He also discusses if it’s more fulfilling to be relevant or innovative. He shares where his mind goes when the pressure is on for him to perform a huge trick, and how he was able to stay committed to his passion even when there was no money in it. This is a really powerful one, guys. You won’t want to miss it. Learn all about what it takes to break limitations and create a legacy, on Episode 674. Some Questions I Ask: Who was the most influential person in your life? (5:46) How old were you when you were bumped up in competition? (8:20) How do you stay committed to something when there’s no money in it? (10:11) What advice would you give to people who have a passion but can’t pursue it on a professional level? (13:36) How did you manage the emotions of success? (17:18) Did you ever feel like you weren’t comfortable in your own skin? (20:29) Do you feel like there was a time when you didn’t communicate well? (23:10) Do you feel like you still need to chase relevancy? (27:38) Where does your mind go when there’s pressure? (30:44) Did your video games take skateboarding to a new level? (29:42) You have a new game as well? (43:32) Do you goof around a lot? (45:09) What’s the thing you’re most proud of? (47:54) In This Episode You Will Learn: Why learning new tricks wasn’t cool (7:28) How Tony’s environment contributed to his success (9:52) The time when Tony thought he would give up skateboarding (12:01) How he handled the overnight success (14:57) How he manages his relationships and success (19:32) Why people shouldn’t show off on social media (21:17) The biggest challenge he’s had to overcome (24:44) How he’s able to raise his kids to not feel like they are riding off his name (28:46) What it’s like skateboarding in a loop (38:39) The thing Tony still needs to achieve (41:27) The thing he wants more people to know about him (46:53)

Lior explains his process of influence and how he is able to use how “power” for good instead of evil. We discuss such topics as how he can create the illusion of more senses. We talk about the difference between a magician and a mentalist, and how YOU can tap into your intuition. I have to admit, my mind is still spinning after this one. You’ll want to listen to it, and if you can’t believe your eyes, watch the video and you’ll see the proof of what happened. So get ready to tap into your powers, on Episode 673. Some Questions I Ask: What is it you think you do? (5:34) How do you really start to understand people with the 5 senses? (6:46) How many mentalists are there? (12:41) Do you feel like you have a good childhood? (16:36) How important is storytelling in mentalism? (18:53) Why do you keep doing this? (26:17) Is this a skill that people can learn? (28:29) What are 3-5 things that if people did more of that they would be more influential? (32:13) Do you ever wish you couldn’t read people? (35:11) What happens if something goes wrong? (43:35) What’s the skill you still get to master? (46:08) What’s your biggest fear? (50:18) How many times do you get people who write you letters saying you changed their lives? (57:24) In This Episode You Will Learn: The challenge that Lior gives to himself (4:58) The process of thinking (5:57) How Lior understood the way I thought (8:38) The difference between a magician and a mentalist (11:31) Something that someone’s done that’s blown Lior away (14:07) The riskiest thing he’s ever done (22:35) What it’ll take for Lior to help people change their lives (27:14) How we can use this in our own lives to be better (30:08) A book test on Christine (35:33) What people are easier to read than others (42:46) Lior’s biggest challenge in life right now (44:46) The person he’d really love to do something with (47:58)