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The "Motley Fool Money" radio show airs each week on stations across America, including top-10 markets Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Boston and Washington, DC. The show features a team of Motley Fool analysts discussing the week's top business and investing stories, interviews, and an inside look at the stocks on our radar.

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Michael Lewis Returns



How did two Israeli psychologists change the way we understand the human mind? What is the future of Wall Street? What did Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane really think about Moneyball? And who is responsible for keeping geese off airport runways? Before a live audience at FoolHQ, best-selling author Michael Lewis answers those questions and shares some insights from his newest book, The Undoing Project. Thanks to Harry’s for supporting The Motley Fool. Get your Free Trial Set – go to

Recent Episodes

Tesla’s dramatic week has Wall Street debating the company’s future. Superheroes rescue Disney’s 2nd-quarter report. Trade Desk’s stock soars on record revenue. And Match Group shareholders feel the love. Andy Cross, Jason Moser and David Kretzmann analyze those stories as well as the latest from Etsy, Zillow, Booking Holdings, Papa John’s and more. Plus, Washington Post writer Christian Davenport shares highlights from his new book The Space Barons: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the Quest to Colonize the Cosmos. Thanks Handy. To get your first 3-hour cleaning for $39 when you sign up for a plan, visit and use promo code “fool”.

Apple reaches a trillion-dollar milestone. Baidu faces a Google-sized potential competitor. Blue Apron fails to deliver. And Red Robin and TripAdvisor lose altitude. Ron Gross, Jason Moser and Matt Argersinger analyze those stories, as well as the latest from Tesla, Square, Take-Two Interactive, and Activision Blizzard. Plus, Restaurant Business Magazine executive editor Jonathan Maze talks Chipotle, IHOP, McDonalds, and the changing restaurant business.

Facebook's Next Chapter?



Facebook plummets on slowing growth. Amazon rises on record profits. Chipotle serves up big earnings. Atlassian surrenders to Slack. And Spotify tries to produce sweet music for investors. Our analysts discuss those stories and weigh in on earnings from Twitter, Electronic Arts, GrubHub, PayPal, Starbucks, and Under Armour. Thanks to LinkedIn for supporting The Motley Fool.  Go to and get $50 off your first job post.

Microsoft’s Cloud Nine



Microsoft shares hit an all-time high thanks to strength in the company’s cloud business. Netflix falls on concerns over subscriber growth. American Express doesn’t get rewarded. And Skechers gets kicked around. Analysts Matt Argersinger, David Kretzmann, and Jason Moser discuss those stories and weigh in on the latest from eBay, Domino’s, and Papa John’s. Plus, Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner talks with best-selling author Dan Pink about the science of perfect timing.

JP Morgan Chase reports record profits. Wells Fargo disappoints. Pepsi rises. And Groupon looks for a buyer. Abi Malin, Jason Moser, and Jeff Fischer discuss those stories and share some stocks on their radar. Plus, Appian CEO Matt Calkins talks low-code software, investing, and board games.

“Investing is not the study of finance, it’s the study of how people behave with money.” Award-winning financial columnist Morgan Housel stops by Fool HQ to share how psychology drives financial decisions, why long tails drive everything, and some of the biggest misconceptions in investing. Plus, we revisit our conversation with best-selling author Dan Heath, discussing his latest book The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact.

The Motley Fool Turns 25



Nike hits an all-time high. Bed Bath & Beyond flounders, as BJ’s Wholesale Club has a surprisingly strong IPO. Amazon moves in on the pharmacy business. McCormick serves up a spicy quarter. And the SEC has a few questions for National Beverage. Jason Moser, Ron Gross, and Matt Argersinger analyze those stories and share why they’ve got their eyes on Lam Research, Snap, and Delta Airlines. Plus, David Gardner reflects on the 25th anniversary of The Motley Fool and shares a few stocks on his radar. Thanks to Blooom for supporting Motley Fool Money. Get a month free with and use the promo code “fool”.

Disney increases its offer for 21st Century Fox. Kroger delivers. CarMax and Winnebago rev up. GE gets the boot. Starbucks cools off. And Chipotle expands its menu. Ron Gross, Jason Moser and David Kretzmann analyze those stories and share a few stocks on their radar. Plus, Ritholtz Wealth Management Director of Research Michael Batnick talks about his new book, Big Mistakes: The Best Investors and Their Worst Investments.

Comcast vs. Disney



AT&T completes its acquisition of Time Warner. Comcast increases its offer for 21st Century Fox’s assets, setting the stage for a battle with Disney. Etsy shares soar on a hike in fees. And IHOP flips pancakes for burgers. Jason Moser, Jeff Fischer and Aaron Bush tackle those stories and take stock in the future of video games. Plus, Motley Fool media and entertainment analyst Tim Beyers weighs in on the future of Apple, Disney, Netflix, and YouTube. Thanks to Blooom for supporting Motley Fool Money.  Get a month free with use the promo code “Fool”.  Thanks also to Casper! Save $50 on a mattress at and use the promo code “Fool”.

Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon make the case for ending earnings guidance. Howard Schultz steps down from Starbucks. Twitter joins the S&P 500. Five Below soars above expectations. And Smucker tries to get out of a jam. Ron Gross, Jason Moser, and Matt Argersinger analyze those stories and share a few stocks on their radar. Plus, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and Facebook Live creator Randi Zuckerberg talks Facebook, work-life balance, and investing. Thanks to LinkedIn for supporting The Motley Fool.  Go to and get a $50 credit toward your first job post.