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It's been a minute' is another way of saying 'let's catch up.' Host Sam Sanders does just that every Friday with two guests in a conversation about the news, culture, and everything. Not just what happened each week, but how it felt. Plus, Tuesday deep dives — conversations with one guest, or on one topic. The world is complicated and people are, too — and sometimes you just need to talk it out.

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Sam visits the Chicago offices of the satirical news publication for a headline pitch meeting and conversations with Editor-In-Chief Cole Bolton, Executive Editor Ben Berkley, Managing Editor Marnie Shure, and Head Writer Chad Nackers. They talk about comedy and President Trump (and why he makes their jobs harder), feuding with Sean Hannity, covering Barack Obama, crossing lines, and being socially awkward at parties. Email the show at and follow Sam on Twitter @samsanders.

Sam talks to white people — and only white people — about Charlottesville. This episode: UVA history professor Grace Hale, NPR's Sarah McCammon, and developmental psychologist Amy Roberson Hayes, plus some calls to our listeners. Email the show at and follow Sam on Twitter @samsanders.

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