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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now*

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Adam Schefter



Big show announcement to start the episode (2:37 - 7:41). PGA Championship recap, sort of (7:41 - 15:01). Who's Back Of The Week & Mt Rushmore of 30 for 30's we'd someday love to see (15:01 - 22:49). ESPN's Adam Schefter joins the show to talk about NFL Insider life, his height, being an accused Pee Boy, biggest NFL story lines this year and a preemptive Hot Seat/Cool Throne (22:49 - 63:49). Segments include Mike Greenberg's dumb rules for Bryce Harper slipping on a base. Bad Visual for the NY Jets. Football Guy of the Week Dan Quinn and Explain it to Hank/Drunk Ideas.

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Bill Burr



Aaron Rodgers won't stop being good and Skip Bayless is making a lot of sense. Jason Witten has malfunctioned and we're concerned. Baseball playoffs are heating up and some of the Dodgers aren't even trying. A couple NBA over/unders that are guaranteed winners and a mini season preview. Hot Seat/Cool Throne. Bill Burr joins the show to talk about his upcoming show at MSG, why we care too much about sports, his favorite College venues across the country, why we've all been the guy he witnessed getting kicked out of bar Sunday for being angry at the Football game, and some conspiracy theories that only the wokest can understand. Hmmm for Coach K and Zion Williamson, Witch Hunt are the Astros cheating. Embrace Debate is Nick Bosa a Quitter and Guys on Chicks. 

Mike Florio + NFL Week 6 Recap



NFL Week 6 Fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 7:34). Week 6 recap, Brock Osweiler owns the Bears, Nathan Peterman is hilarious, Big Ben owns Ohio, and the Broncos are on the watch for the Done Chain (7:34 - 28:12). Chaos in College Football but LSU is back to playing Neck (28:12 - 33:10). Football Guy of the Week including Gregg Williams eating opossums and possibly rats (33:10 - 36:11). Who's back of the week (36:11 - 46:01). Mike Florio joins the show from Pro Football Talk to talk Week 6, what the Giants should do with Eli Manning, what the Raiders should do with Jon Gruden, and a spin on LeVeon Bell no one is talking about (46:01 - 65:43). Segments include Talking Baseball, just stop talking Jon Gruden, Perspective from Bruce Irvin and Nathan Peterman, Bad Visual Conor McGregor, and Trouble in Paradise Pete Davidosn/Ariana Grande 

Eli Manning should probably retire and Saquon Barkley is absolutely incredible (3:30-8:48) Recapping the wild Jimmy Butler story in Minnesota and is Mark Wahlberg to blame for all of this? (8:49-15:35) Week 6 Picks and preview + Fantasy Fuccbois.(15:36-28:05) FIU Coach Butch Davis joins the show to accept his Football Guy of the Week Award, talk about his career coaching the 90's Cowboys, the late 80 Miami Hurricanes, the Browns and the insane rosters he put together at Miami in the late 90's.(33:15-51:15) Free Solo climber and star of the new movies "Free Solo" Alex Honnold joins the show to talk about climbing El Capitan at Yosemite without any ropes. He also talks about life as a high stakes climber, how his brain doesnt feel fear the same way as a normal human brain and what he has to do when he's in the middle of a climb and has to s**t.(52:11-1:12:40) Segments include Sabermetrics Roquan Smith,(1:16:28-1:17:56) our Long National Nightmare is over Snoop Dogg and Todd Haley made up,(1:17:56-1:19:56) Kings stay Kings Big Ben (1:19:56-1:22:28), our newest segment Care to Comment where we comment on something we don't care about but people want us to (Kanye/Trump).(1:22:29-1:24:35) We finish the show with Hank's Grab Bag. (1:24:36-1:30:52)

The Yankees are dead. Recapping the ALDS and why Giancarlo Stanton has negative pinstripes (2:21 - 10:50). Drew Brees record breaking season, an update on the Jason Witten/Booger McFarland feud and is Peyton Manning funny? (10:50 - 17:09) Hot Seat/Cool Throne, who will save the world first, Steven Seagal or Jose Canseco (17:09 - 27:48). NFL Insider Jay Glazer joins the show to talk MMA, his career as an Insider, Ballers, and his great foundation for veterans (27:48 - 67:06). Segments include should Lebron James go to jail? Just shut up Jon Gruden. Respect the Biz. Ehhhh for Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka, and Guys on Chicks.

Fastest 2 minutes for Week 5 (2:27 - 7:19). The Texans and Cowboys played in a game of who can fire their s****y coach first (7:19 - 8:56). The Browns won a game on a Sunday, Philly has a Super Bowl hangover, the Falcons are done, the Bengals are good, and Mason Crosby lost his mind (8:56 - 18:20). Playoff Baseball and UFC 229 (18:20 - 29:31). Football Guy of the Week (29:21 - 35:02). Who's back of the week (35:02 - 43:58). CBS Sports Pete Prisco joins the show to talk NFL Week 5, why Bortles is fine everyone relax, how Defense will catch up to the narrative of an offensive explosion and more (43:58 - 70:35). Jon Anik joins the show after being on the Call for UFC 229, talking about what it was like to see Khabib go in the crowd, McGregor's future, and whether or not this is good for UFC (70:35 - 86:38). Segments include Take Quake for Peter Gammons, Embrace Debate is Darren Rovell an athlete? Whats the Beef? Kings stay Kings Ryan Lochte, and Whoa 

*Warning, this is a rare Skype episode. Audio is fine we just aren't in the same place* The Patriots are far from dead and Andrew Luck has the new best QB face in football (2:27 - 13:11). A huge weekend of sports coming up and Red Sox/Yankee's rivalry is back (13:11 - 22:05). Week 5 preview and picks + Fantasy F-bois (22:05 - 36:19). Arian Foster joins the show to talk about Leveon Bell, Earl Thomas, why Tennessee's coach can't stop crying and having his therapist on his own podcast (36:19 - 55:49). Vikings long snapper Kevin McDermott joins the show to talk about losing a finger during Thursday Night Football last week and to accept his Football Guy of the Week award (55:49 - 66:30). Segments include bad sports town Chargers, stay classy McGregor, Mike Greenberg's dumb rules Tom Wilson and Hank's Grab Bag.

The Cubs are dead and f**k everything. We recap the NL Wild Card Game and Big Cat rambles like a madman trying to cheer himself up including some bonus Booger McFarland vs Jason Witten talk (2:20 - 18:18). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (18:18 - 26:25). Brewers All Star Christian Yelich joins the show to talk about his insane second half, read some of Big Cat's terrible Brewers takes, and talk about being locked in for the playoffs (26:25 - 39:54). Former A's pitcher Dallas Braden joins the show to break down the MLB playoffs and the strengths and weaknesses of each playoff team (39:54 - 62:08). Segments include Bad Visual Kobe Bryant, Just stop talking Jon Gruden, Trouble in Paradise USA Golf, and Guys on Chicks

David Ortiz + Week 4 NFL Recap



NFL Week 4 fastest 2 minutes 92;27 - 8:02). Everything is back to normal in the NFL. The Packers won, the Jaguars look good again, the Patriots don't suck but the Dolphins may, Mitch Trubisky was incredible and Jeff Fisher made his debut in the booth (8:02 - 31:12). Explaining the MLB schedule (21:12 - 24:45). Football guy of the week, and who's back of the week (24:45 - 37:55) . Red Sox legend David Ortiz joins the show to talk about the pressure of October baseball, how he would get out of slumps, and the focus it takes to win a World Series (37:55 - 58:15). Segments include embrace debate is Frank Reich and idiot because James Franklin most definitely is. Thoughts and Prayers to team USA for the Ryder Cup. Bad Visual for Jimbo Fisher, sabermetrics for Sam Bradford and is Big Cat done or finished

Jared Goff is in the zone and maybe the greatest quarterback of all time. We talk about where we would sit at a Jared Goff vs Blake Bortles Super Bowl. (#:05-6:54) Preview of NFL Week 4 including our Loser Leaves Town, Are We Sure They're Good and Game Of The Week. Fantasy Fuccbois. (6:55-27:49) 3X Pro Bowler Chris Johnson joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, Jeff Fisher, and what it's like being fast plus bonus Lendale White in studio with him. (33:02-50:31) 21 year MLB Starter Bartolo Colon joins the show to talk about his nickname Big Sexy, how he stays in such great shape, why he'll never touch Adrian Beltre's head, and how many times he watches his 1 home run (thanks to our colleague Liz Gonzalez for translating). (52:27-1:01:55) Segments include PR 101 Rovell did a bad tweet,(1:05:31-1:09:40) Thoughts and Prayers to CC Sabathia(1:09:41-1:12:45), Spinzone Tristan Thompson (1:24:46-1:14:24), Break in case of Emergency Jimmy Butler trade( 1:14:25-1:16:38), and FriYay Grab Bag (1:19:38-1:27:44). 

The Fitzmagic has run out, sort of. Big Ben is back and so is Chris Conte (2:56 - 8:15). We solve the Niners QB problems by drafting a different quarterback for each primetime game (8:15 - 21:05). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Steven Seagal's latest scheme (21:05 - 37:28). Celtics Forward Gordon Hayward joins the show to talk about his decision to join the Celtics, how tough it was being injured last year, Brad Stevens being a genius, his famous viral video, the Duke shot, and what it's like being Lebron's little b word (37:28 - 75:16). Segments include Nitpicking Saban, Take Quake, Stick to Sports Jason Witten, Break in case of emergency Jimmy Butler Trade, and Guys on Chicks