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The Tai Lopez Show

By: Tai Lopez: Investor, Author, Entrepreneur


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The Tai Lopez podcast brings you the best business education straight from the world's top entrepreneurs. I will also review the best books in health, wealth, love and happiness that will help you achieve your maximum potential and live the best life possible.

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The opportunity for your personal brand is greater than the opportunity for your business' brand. The people who ask, "Do you really need both?" are failing to see this truth. With a personal brand, you are able to differentiate yourself from the competition in a wildly unique way. The landscape caters to individuality; it’s a platform for self-expression. However, with a business’ brand, the story behind the product or service inevitably gets diluted by the fact that it is a product or service...

In business, regardless of your product or service, an effective online strategy is essential to your success. Whether that means a well-designed website that converts visitors into customers, or an engaging social media presence that dialogues with customers - it’s mandatory to infiltrate the Internet and show up on people’s screens if you want to succeed in today’s business world.

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We all want the next big thing. But most people sit back, thinking that the inspiration will just come upon them one day. This is the false idea of success that prevents us from achieving our dreams. If we instead look at the trends, we can calculate and manifest a different reality by riding the waves of what tides are rising.

Since the founding of the United States, in every generation, in every field of business, politics, sports and society, we’ve watched in shock as corruption, deceit and desire bring down heroes, titans and those we thought we could trust. In the aftermath, we’re left with too many questions, how did this happen? Who is to blame? Subscribe to American Scandal today.

Our President is everywhere. No matter where you turn, his face and some news headline is screaming at you. The mass media makes it near impossible for us to focus on anything else. However, some of the blame must be put on ourselves for keeping those Twitter feeds open, leaving the TV on, and letting our Facebook friends dictate our thoughts.

There are the people who care about you and the people who don’t. Deciphering who belongs in which camp can sometimes be challenging. As our stock grows, more and more people come into our lives, wanting to be a part of the rising tide. But are they there to contribute or just ride the waves?

It’s a no-brainer. When we’re feeling under the weather, we seek out the antibiotic prescription. For bacterial infections, this works incredibly well. Within days, the sickness has cleared out from our system, and we can return to our normal life. But what happens over the long-run from this quick-fix?

Introspection is a luxury. In our busy lives, we become so consumed by our day-to-day that we rarely take the time to think and breathe. The irony of this is that looking inward is required for personal and professional growth. So, while we might think that filling our calendars is taking us to the next level, we must simultaneously be taking time for ourselves to process and learn.  

Sleep is a requirement for success. But how much sleep is too much? And how many hours of sleep is too few? When we go to bed every night, we must calibrate the necessary amount of sleep to sustain an optimal day. This life hack, when executed, can take your daily hustle to the next level.

In a competitive marketplace, our customers demand a lot. At any point in a sales journey, a potential customer can opt out and seek a competitor for a similar product or service. This challenge makes the marketing and advertising messaging of utmost importance. And it doesn’t stop there. Once a customer is acquired, the challenge to keep them a customer remains.

Narcissists are everywhere. Today, more than ever before, the ego is inflated. With the rise of social media, our smartphones have become devices that pump our self-esteem through Instagram likes. If we rely to heavily on this for our self-worth, we run the risk of falling into the trap of narcissism.

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