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MSNBC Rachel Maddow (Audio)



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Through her unique approach to storytelling, Rachel Maddow provides in-depth reporting to illuminate the current state of political affairs and reveals the importance of transparency and accountability from our leaders. Maddow works with unmatched rigor and resolve to explain our complex world and deliver news in a way that's illuminating and dynamic, connecting the dots to make sense of complex issues. Maddow also conducts thoughtful interviews with individuals at the center of current news stories to provide important perspective.

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9:00 Stench of EPA official's indictment scandal reaches Jeff Sessions 9:24 Leadership of DoJ uncertain as Trump is challenged on Whitaker 9:38 Hyde-Smith scrambles to contain 'public hanging' remark fallout 9:44 Change in political playing field prompts update to protest guide 9:52 'Indivisible' shifts to offense as Democrats retake some power

9:00 Florida election moves to courthouse as counting continues 9:14 Error of greater concern than fraud to Gillum watching re-counts 9:21 Democrats call for Whitaker recusal on Mueller investigation 9:32 VA failing to deliver GI Bill benefits as veterans' bills pile up 9:38 Rouda passes 'Putin's favorite congressman' with local appeal 9:48 Trump tweet wrong, unhelpful to California firefighters 9:57 'History is here to help' and deliver the new episode of Bag Man

9:00 Deadly fires ravage California communities 9:03 Turnout among key groups for Democrats added to GOP midterm loss 9:09 NBC News: Trump likely faced indictment but for presidency 9:23 New Trump acting-AG tied to fraud scheme under FBI investigation 9:35 Florida again the scene of a post-election ballot-counting fight 9:47 Lawyers in pitched battle over thorough counting of Florida votes 9:56 Trump struggles to distance himself from his own acting-A.G. pick

9:00 Sensing Trump threat, widespread protests call to #ProtectMueller 9:06 Trump hand-picked acting-AG raises new obstruction questions 9:30 Cummings vows renewed dedication from Oversight under Democrats 9:41 Democrats still winning as Election Day counting continues 9:46 Sharice Davids flips Kansas seat, makes history on many fronts

9:00 GOP hurt by Donald Trump bungling in Democratic midterm victories 9:14 Panicked by Democrats, Trump installs loyalist to top DoJ spot 9:29 Despite obvious impropriety, Whitaker recusal on Mueller unlikely 9:40 Senators caution Trump on obstruction of Mueller investigation 9:49 Underwood flips GOP seat in first-time run focused on health care 9:59 'Un-called' congressional race could be another Democratic flip

9:00 GOP retirements pushed by grassroots activists widened 2018 field 9:15 Fate of Congress could be in California's hands 9:28 North Miami voters wait hours, determined to cast 2018 votes 9:37 Virginia, Florida could set stage for midterm election's outcome 9:47 Democratic gains require overcoming extreme GOP gerrymandering 9:55 Episode three of Rachel Maddow's Bag Man podcast now available 9:59 Keep track of 2018 turnover with Vulnerable Incumbent Bingo

9:00 Secret waiver clears possible Trump Russia Rosenstein replacement 9:13 Court rejects Kemp's attempt to block new citizen voters 9:28 Trump insults of African-Americans follows recognizable pattern 9:37 Michael Cohen speaks out with new accusations of Trump racism 9:46 Trump official picks bad time to oppose minimum wage out loud 9:54 Wave of Twitter trolls aims to discourage Americans from voting 9:59 Programming Note! Special MSNBC election coverage all weekend!

9:00 2018 a case in point for the value of every single vote 9:04 Some GOP candidates stranded by Trump's low-road 2018 strategy 9:20 U.S. military assessment of caravan doesn't match Trump's panic 9:28 Documents expose Trump border deployment as political stunt 9:45 Time runs out in fight against vote suppression tactics in ND, KS 9:54 Voter I.D. law contradicts reality of Native American life in ND

9:00 Dodge City voters fight GOP government for better voting access 9:26 Obama/Trump states not a lock for Republicans in governor races 9:33 Eerie calm in Trump Russia probe as Mueller waits out election 9:39 Road map for Nixon impeachment published, could guide Mueller 9:55 Nixon documents could help Mueller see legal precedent for Trump

9:00 Trump stokes false 'invasion' fears to the detriment of Americans 9:11 2018 election could yield Congress that will be a check on Trump 9:21 For Democrats, many possible paths to retaking the House in 2018 9:33 Bumbling Trump booster botches Mueller smear, implicates own mom 9:52 Trump admin in no apparent rush to fill anti-Semitism envoy job 9:59 Wednesday: A TRMS special report on voting rights Dodge City, KS