Anna Faris is Unqualified

Anna Faris is Unqualified

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Not-great-relationship advice from completely unqualified Hollywood types. I am a solid 3.4 student with a major in English from the University of Washington. I've also been asked what my SAT score was and it was 1060. It only took five years of dorm/rave life for me to accrue the life knowledge I have received. I’m a Sagittarius, which means I’m super creative and stubborn; but there are walls I need to break down because I always want to leap over the boundaries that make me climb ladders and roofs. I’m agreeable and delightful. I also have incredible leadership skills and following abilities. And, I have 20/20 vision so I’m an eagle eye. I could not love all of you more and please e-mail me at with your pressing relationship questions.

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ep 72: Terry Crews



Terry Crews (BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, WHITE CHICKS) joins Anna and Sim on one of Unqualified's most talked about episodes to talk about the politics of football, the power of pride, and the cult of masculinity! After Terry tackles some deal-breakers, he challenges Anna to a round of “NFL player or Real Housewife.” They then call Jacqueline, who's worried she slept with someone she’s interested in too quickly, and Alyssa, whose brother has become progressively more vocal about his controversial political views. Tune in! 

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ep 151: Sophia Bush



It’s all about strong female vibes this week as Anna and Sim welcome the beautiful, brilliant Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill, Chicago PD) to chat about... College fashion and the Greek scene Self-confidence and self-acceptance Acting, stunt-work, and kissing on-screen Dating Deal-Breakers and some ski-trip improv On the phones this week... Courtney, 27, is calling from Seattle where she has a job and a boyfriend that she loves – but after finding out about her boyfriend out of state job offer, she needs help deciding what to put first – her career or her relationship.   Don’t miss this week’s awesome deals from Unqualified’s amazing sponsors! QUIP: If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer this season – look no further! With over 5,000 verified 5-star reviews, a Quip electronic toothbrush looks like a big-ticket tech gift but with a stocking stuffer price! Head to to get started and get your first refill pack for free! BLUE APRON: Whether you like to cook your Blue Apron meals fully clothed or wearing nothing more than a blue apron, the result is always a delicious, home-cooked meal prepared in about 20 minutes! Visit, to get your first three meals free! Blue Apron – a better way to cook! RITUAL: With Ritual’s fresh, minty taste and incredible health and beauty benefits, you will truly look forward to taking your vitamins every day! Whether you’re living life or creating it, add some good-looking science into your daily routine! Visit to start your ritual today! SLEEP NUMBER: Whether you plan to breastfeed in it like Sim’s wife, Amy, or you just want to sleep like a baby, Sleep Number has a bed to support you and your lifestyle. As the official sleep and wellness partner of the NFL, Sleep Number beds start at $999. Visit to find the store nearest you and get into a Sleep Number bed today!   Follow us! Anna Faris: @annakfaris Sim Sarna: @simsarna Unqualified: @unqualified Sophia Bush: @SophiaBush

Ep 150: Bill Hader



BILL HADER (SNL, Barry, The Skeleton Twins) laughs so hard on this week’s episode that his glasses actually fog up as he chats with Anna and Sim about… …Saturday Night Live…Jerking Off…Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs…Genre, Anxiety, and Comic Con…Red Carpet Improv… ON THE PHONES THIS WEEK: …For the first time ever, the Unqualified team calls back a previous caller, Nicholas from Arizona, to dive a bit deeper into his situation involving a female classmate that him and his friend are both crushing on. …Kaycie, 23, is calling from Oklahoma seeking advice about a douchey co-worker who won’t leave her alone. Congratulations to Bill Hader on his Emmy win for HBO’s Barry!!   Check out the deals from our amazing sponsors, including an awesome new sponsor!! VITAL FARMS: No b******t about it, Vital Farms eggs are the best – the best quality, the best tasting, simply the best pasture-raised eggs out there! Head to to get your COOP-on (or coupon) and taste what it means to be b******t-free! MINTED: Our new sponsor lets you show your loved ones that you care by sending them unique holiday and greeting cards! You can do it all right from your phone - simply text a photo to CARDS (22737) and Minted will help you design and send the perfect personalized card! Through the end of the month, get 20% off your order when you text your photo to CARDS (22737). POSTMATES: Homebodies rejoice – with Postmates, you never have to leave home to enjoy all your favorite restaurant foods! Download the app and use the code UNQUALIFIED to get $100 of free delivery credit for your first 7 days! Save the hassle and get the food you love fast!   Follow us! Anna Faris: @annakfaris Sim Sarna: @simsarna Unqualified: @unqualified

ep 149: Jay Pharoah



It’s non-stop laughs this week on Unqualified as hilarious comedian, Jay Pharoah (Saturday Night Live) joins Anna and Sim to explore… Working retail and funky feet Porn preferences and thigh-high stockings Year-round Christmas decorations Peeing sitting down and genitalia Beverly Hills Cop improv with Karen Sarducci On the phones this week… Francisca, 27, is calling from Switzerland seeking advice on whether she should make a big, life-changing move in order to follow her dreams. Allison, 29, calling from Ohio, is struggling to find a balance between her role as a Mom and her role as a wife and seeking advice on how to rekindle her sex life. Check out Jay Pharoah’s new series Champagne Ill, exclusively on YouTube Premiere!   Don’t miss this week’s awesome deals from Unqualified’s amazing sponsors!   ZIP RECRUITER: You don’t have to be ‘zippy’ or a ‘recruiter’ like Sim claims to be to find great candidates with Zip Recruiter because Zip Recruiter uses powerful matching technology to find them for you! Try Zip Recruiter for FREE by visiting this special link:     NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO.: We know that our listeners are strong females with big life goals, but did you ladies know that life goals go hand-in-hand with financial goals? Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance  can help you get the most out of your money to help you achieve all your big goals! Visit to find out how!     23ANDME: Sim recently discovered his long-lost family members using 23andMe – and you can too! Simply spit into the tube provided in the 23andMe kit to learn all about your DNA and ancestry! Now through Thanksgiving, 23andMe is offering their DNA and ancestry kits for only $49 when you buy two or more kits! Visit to get this great deal today!     BLUE APRON: Whether you want to catch up on bad TV or you’re just really hungry and a quick home-cooked meal, Blue Apron is the perfect solution with delicious recipes that you can whip up in 20 minutes! Visit, to get your first three meals free! Blue Apron – a better way to cook!     Follow us! Anna Faris: @annakfaris Sim Sarna: @simsarna Unqualified: @unqualified Jay Pharoah: @JayPharoah

ep 148: Emily Ratajkowski



What do… Marriage and Divorce Euphoric Dementia Faberge Eggs and Losing Your Virginity …all have in common? They are just a few of the topics that Anna, Sim, and Unqualified’s stunning guest, Emily Ratajkowski, get into on this week’s hilarious episode! Callers this week include… Marie who is struggling with the slow progression and non-existent future timeline of her 6-year relationship with her boyfriend. Beth who is struggling to come to terms with the distant relationship that she has always had with her Mom. Be sure to see Emily’s new movie with Aaron Paul, Welcome Home, in theaters November 16!   Check out the incredible offers this week from our amazing sponsors!! HONEY: You can AUTOMATICALLY save money while you shop online without ever having to leave your home or clip a single coupon with Honey’s browser extension! Get Honey for free at RITUAL: Do you want smoother skin, stronger nails, shinier hair, and better overall health? Of course, we all do – and with Ritual Vitamins, designed with top ingredients and specifically formulated for women, we CAN have it all! Visit to improve your health and wellness and start your ritual today! THIRDLOVE: Sim loves a well-placed breast that’s well-fitted in a ThirdLove bra – but really, who cares? Because ThirdLove is for women and women’s comfort, not men! With 70 sizes, including half-sizes, ThirdLove has a perfect-fitting bra for everyone! Go to to use their online fit-finder and get 15% off your first purchase!   Follow us! Anna Faris: @annakfaris Sim Sarna: @simsarna Unqualified: @unqualified Emily Ratajkowski: @emrata

ep 147: Maura Tierney



This week on Unqualified, Anna and Sim welcome the incredibly talented, Golden Globe winning actress, Maura Tierney (NewsRadio, ER, The Affair)! Maura brings her acting chops and intellect to the table as her and Anna engage in some stimulating conversation about… The ins-and-outs of being an actor Whorehouses, stud farms, and Heidi Fleiss    Maura’s volunteer experience in Greece    Next, the ladies jump into an Unqualified game where Maura weighs-in on dating professions like… A brew-master A psychotherapist with a stand-up comedy side-gig A professional poker player A truck driver with a pension for exercising at rest stops A restaurant manager On the phones this week… Amanda, 30, from Chicago needs some advice on how to cope with being left out of a trip to Iceland that her husband is taking with his siblings and their spouses while Amanda is stuck at home with the kids.   Michelle, 31, from San Francisco has an Instagram dating dilemma involving a high school guy that she has reconnected with and is interested in, but she isn’t sure how long to wait for him to ask her out before moving on.     Everyone’s favorite ‘Mom’, Allison Janney, is back for this week’s ad-reads with Anna and Sim – be sure to check out the awesome sponsor deals below!!   BLUE APRON: Anna and Sim come up with a sexy new ad-campaign for Blue Apron involving Allison Janney, a blue apron, and nothing else. If that isn’t enough to get you excited about using Blue Apron, then maybe getting your first three meals free by using Anna’s special link,, will inspire you to start cooking with Blue Apron – it’s a better way to cook! ZIP RECRUITER: Whether you need a handyman or a personal assistant, Zip Recruiter has the absolute best candidate to help you get the job done! And right now, dear listeners, you can try Zip Recruiter for FREE by visiting this special link:   23andMe: Anna wows Sim and Allison with her scientific smarts as she explains why ‘23’ is part of the company name, 23andMe, before all three of them break out into a spontaneous jingle where Sim really showcases his creative singing skills – you don’t want to miss this ad-read! You also won’t want to miss the awesome deal that 23andMe is offering now through Thanksgiving – their DNA and ancestry kits are only $49 when you buy two or more kits! Visit to get this great deal today! SLEEP NUMBER: Anna doesn’t give a sh*t about Sim’s sleep number – but he shares it anyways. It’s a 65-70, by the way. He also shares that Sleep Number has helped him and Amy argue less because they can each enjoy individual comfort with Sleep Number’s personalized settings and cooling features! He even convinces Allison Janney to get a Sleep Number! Take advantage of the Veteran’s Day Sale and save $400 on a Queen Sleep Number 360c4 Smart Bed, now only $1299! Visit to find the Sleep Number store nearest you!   Follow us! Anna Faris: @annakfaris Sim Sarna: @simsarna Unqualified: @unqualified

Ep 146: Bobby Lee



WARNING: The following episode will cause extreme, gut-busting laughter - listen at your own risk! This week, Anna and Sim welcome a guest that will have you rolling on the floor laughing until your sides hurt – get ready for non-stop fun with the hysterical actor and comedian, Bobby Lee (MADtv, Pineapple Express, The Dictator, Splitting Up Together). Anna and Bobby get down and dirty as they hilariously discuss… Masturbating with food and porn preferences some morning TV and radio talk show improv inviting fans up to their hotel room a fantastical forest ranger fantasy On Deal Breakers, Bobby shares his thoughts on women who… Suck his toes while watching TV Order extra food right before he pays the dinner bill Heckle him during his on-stage performances Calling in for advice this week… Nicholas, 23, from Arizona, needs some guidance on whether he should make a move on a girl that him AND his best friend have both been crushing on. Rachel, 24, from Minneapolis, isn’t sure how to handle her friend and roommate whose partying is getting a bit out of control. Catch Bobby Lee on Splitting Up Together airing Tuesdays on ABC and his podcast, Tigerbelly! Check out this week’s amazing deals from our sponsors and the always entertaining ad-reads! VITAL FARMS: Anna shares some egg-cellent tips that she’s learned from her Mom about how to pick and recognize a really good egg. But with Vital Farms, you never have to worry about the quality of your eggs because Vital Farms eggs meet all of the criteria that Anna’s Mom says make for a high-quality egg – plus, they’re totally b******t-free! Head to for your COOP-on (or coupon)!   QUIP: Anna admits that she may not be the best with hygiene, but she never misses an opportunity to brush her teeth with the Quip toothbrush because it’s simply the best in the world! Backed by over 20,000 dental professionals, Quip makes dental hygiene a breeze with a built-in timer and automatic brush head delivery! Head to to get your first refill pack for free!   RITUAL: In addition to less than perfect hygiene, Anna may not be known for having a diligent health regime – but the one thing that she is diligent about is taking her vitamins. Ritual makes taking your daily vitamins easy and delicious with their minty fresh taste and highly effective absorption. Whether you’re living life or creating it, why not add some good-looking science into your daily routine with Ritualvitamins. Visit to start your ritual today! Follow us! Anna Faris: @annakfaris Sim Sarna: @simsarna Unqualified: @unqualified Bobby Lee: @bobbyleelive

ep 145: Mark Duplass



Anna and Sim get up close and personal this week with an incredibly brilliant director, producer, actor, musician, screenwriter, and author – it’s Mark Duplass (The League, Room 104, Black Rock, Your Sister’s Sister)! Anna and Mark take their friendship from ‘mild’ to ‘spicy’ as they explore a wide range of topics like… threesomes with Helen Mirren their fantasy way of dying diphallia, bunk-bed coffins, & Mark’s fears Anna’s experience on Mom & Mark’s creative projects Next, Mark weighs-in on dating women in various professions such as… an anal bleacher a foot fetish model a truck driver On the phones this week… Jenna in Montana just landed her dream job but after only ten days on the job, she finds herself stuck in the middle of a love triangle and needs help figuring out what her next move should be! Nina in New Jersey has been talking to a guy on Tinder for ten months and has plans to eventually meet him in person but after a serious conversation the two recently had, Nina hasn’t heard from him in a week and is worried about what he might be hiding and what she should do next! Be sure to check out Season 2 of Mark’s HBO show, Room 104, and his new movie coming out November 1, Unlovable! Don’t miss Anna and Sim’s always entertaining ad-reads and the amazing deals from our sponsors! 23ANDME: Sim has a lot of love for 23andMe and all that it offers, even if it can’t literally offer anyone financial wealth. However, 23andMe can give you a wealth of information about your personal health and ancestry like your health risks, sleep quality, food intolerances, and whether or not you have a murderer in your family lineage! Visit to get your health and ancestry service kit today! HONEY: If you’re like Anna and ONLY do your shopping online, then you NEED Honey. When you add Honey’s FREE shopping tool to your browser, it effortlessly saves you money by searching for the best promo codes and automatically getting you the best deals when shopping online at sites like Amazon, eBay, J.Crew, Wal-Mart, Expedia, Sephora, and more! With ten million users, you know that Honey is the real deal! Add Honey to your browser and start saving money today by going to FABFITFUN: If Anna could only use three words to describe Sim, they would be fab, fit, and fun – and while the FabFitFun boxes are generally geared towards women, if you want to become even more fab, fit, and fun like Sim, sign up for FabFitFun today and order your Fall Editor’s Box before it sells out! Visit and use the code UNQUALIFIED to get $10 off your first box – that’s over $200 of products for only $39.99! Follow us! Anna Faris: @annakfaris Sim Sarna: @simsarna Unqualified: @unqualified Mark Duplass: @MarkDuplass

ep 144: Skyler Samuels



This week, Anna and Sim welcome a very talented actress who also happens to be a DIE-HARD fan of Unqualified – it’s the beautiful Skyler Samuels (The Gates, Scream Queens, The Gifted)! On Deal Breakers, Anna, Sim, and Skyler explore… sperm donation medical marijuana handwashing exotic male dancers John Mayer pregnant-women porn…which leads to a very stimulating convo on the role of porn in relationships! Next, Anna and Skyler jump into some hilarious role-playing with ‘Kayla’, who’s auditioning for a guest spot on Skyler’s show, The Gifted. On the phones this week… Sarah in Chicago is loving her 2-year relationship with her boyfriend but not loving their living situation which includes her boyfriend’s mother. The team offers Sarah advice on what her next steps should be to fix this living situation. Don’t miss this week’s awesome deals from Unqualified’s amazing sponsors! Check out the non-profit that Skyler talks about on this episode at: POSTMATES: Anna and Sim are super excited that Postmates is back as a sponsor, probably because they both use it so much! No matter what you need - food, diapers, tee shirts – Postmates delivers it with the push of a button! Dear listeners, Postmates is giving you $100 of free delivery credit for your first seven days! Download the app and use the code UNQUALIFIED to get this awesome offer today! BLUE APRON: For those times when you don’t feel like ordering food, Blue Apron is the perfect dinner solution! After a long, hard day at work, no one wants to worry about recipes or grocery shopping – and with Blue Apron, you don’t have to! All the ingredients are portioned out and ready for you to prepare a delicious meal in under 30-minutes! Visit to get your first three meals for free! RITUAL: Anna plays teacher this week and explains that most vitamins use Folic acid, which many women cannot process, but Ritual uses folate instead because ALL women can process it – which is exactly what Ritual is all about, creating vitamins made just for women. Plus, Ritual vitamins taste minty-fresh and are easy to swallow! With Ritual, for $30/month, you can easily get all 9 essential vitamins and minerals every single day. Visit today! THIRDLOVE: Anna successfully embarrasses Sim during this week’s ThirdLove ad-read by talking about his love of breasts, specifically big breasts! But it doesn’t matter whether your breasts are big, small, or somewhere in between - ThirdLove has the perfect fitting bra for you! Skip the trip and find your perfect fit by visiting and get 15% your first order. Follow us! Anna Faris: @annakfaris Sim Sarna: @simsarna Unqualified: @unqualified Skyler Samuels: @SkylerSamuels

ep 143: Yvette Nicole Brown



This week on Unqualified, Anna and Sim welcome the incredibly relatable, very charming, and brilliantly funny actress and comedian, Yvette Nicole Brown (Community, Talking Dead, Mom)! Anna and Yvette dissect the dating world as they cover balancing a career and relationship, break-ups, celebrity dating apps, and what Yvette is looking for in a man. On “Deal Breakers”, Yvette weighs in on male waxing habits, a peculiar career move, and cringey pet names before engaging in some hysterical role-playing with Beyoncé’s slimy (hypothetical) assistant, Kayla, on “What’s Your Next Move?” On the phones, Olivia, who’s happily married in Everett, WA, is wondering if feelings of ‘what could have been’ with her ex are normal. Next, Michelle, 24, from Los Angeles is seeking advice on setting boundaries with a plutonic male friend that she suspects is in love with her. Check out Yvette Nicole Brown on Mom this season! And, congrats to Sim and Amy on the birth of their son, Evan Douglas Sarna!   Don’t miss this week’s awesome deals from Unqualified’s amazing sponsors! Based on his results from EverlyWell, Sim should avoid eating peanuts…or penis, according to Anna. If you’re interested in knowing more about what foods you should avoid, your sleep, thyroid, fertility, or even getting tested for STD’s, EverlyWell empowers you to better understand your body without the hassle of having to find a specialist. Visit and use code ANNA at checkout for 15% off your entire order! Want to work with Anna and Sim on Unqualified? Looking for a way to appear more successful to others? ZipRecruiter can help! Whether you’re looking for the perfect job opportunity or you want to hire a bunch of employees so that you seem more successful – ZipRecruiter is the answer! For the smartest way to hire, visit and try it out for FREE! Ever wondered if you might be related to a celebrity? Or, if you’re anything like Anna, maybe you’re wondering if you have any killers in your family lineage? Either way, 23andMe can help you learn more about yourself and your ancestry! 23andMe is the at-home DNA and ancestry test that reveals tons of information about your genetic health risks, traits, wellness, and ancestry! Visit to get your health and ancestry service kit today! We learn that Anna hasn’t been to the dentist in over two years – and, thanks to Sim’s weird question, that her teeth don’t even hurt! While Quip can’t totally replace your dentist, it can help to improve and maintain your oral health! With a built-in timer to remind you to switch sides while brushing and automatic brush head delivery every 3 months, Quip is easy and convenient! Visit to get started with Quip for only $25 and receive your first refill pack free!   Follow us! Anna Faris: @annakfaris Sim Sarna: @simsarna Unqualified: @unqualified Yvette Nicole Brown: @YNB