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Every Little Thing

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A show about the small stuff. From Gimlet Media, hosted by Flora Lichtman.

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Dewey Decimal Drama



The trouble with the library cataloging system. Plus, slug-gate. Our Sponsors: Spotify | Synchrony Financial

Flora learns facts about the flamingo that change her. #YESflamingo    Listen to Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty, a hip-hop miniseries from Gimlet Media and Loud Speakers Network. Now available wherever you get your podcasts.   Apple Podcasts | Overcast | Pocketcasts | Stitcher  Our Sponsors:    Ziprecruiter | Synchrony Financial | Hello Fresh | Sonos

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A Bulletin Board of Glory™ nomination from comedian Josh Gondelman takes ELT down a trashy rabbit hole, to a time before sanitation workers, when pigs roamed the streets. Plus, we meet the man who defied all odds to bring us the bag that cinches. Warning: Explicit.Guests: comedian and Last Week Tonight writer Josh Gondelman; trash historian Carl Zimring; engineers Steve Tallman and Dana Boyd.Thanks to our sponsor, Cole Haan. You can hear more of Flora and other Gimlet hosts in conversation at ExtraordinariesOnTheMic.com, produced in partnership with Cole Haan.

Where does bubblegum flavor come from? A bubblegum bush? A beaver’s butt? We track down the original bubblegum flavor formula, and find out what’s in there. Plus, why turkey eggs aren’t a thing.Guests: Philadelphia events expert Scott Bruce, confectioners Bob Boutin and Mauricio Bobadilla, turkey biologist James Dickson and birder Laura Erickson. Thanks to callers Arrie and Chiara, and also to Phillip Clauer and Christine Alvarado for their egg-spertise. 

How did goldfish come to dominate our fish bowls and pet stores? We dive into the history of America’s favorite finned pet. Plus, the fanciest goldfish money can buy, and the best pet in a vocal performance. Guests: Katherine "Kasey" Grier, the pet historian; Dave Mandley, goldfish freak.Thanks to caller Liana, pet owners Kerry Ann, Stephanie and Diane, and all the listeners who shared their pet’s special talent. Additional thanks to Katrina Gulliver, Mary Mannix, Liz Thomas, James Rada, Prosanta Chakrabarty, Konrad Dabrowski, Zachary Sperstad, Andrew Simons, Loren Miller, Barbara Mable, Peter Hundt, Norman Stacey, Larry Cleveland, Margaret Thomas Koogle, Charles B. Thomas, Jim Bland, Stephen Eaton, and Mike Rice.

If you dug up the graves of our founding fathers, what would you find? Tri-corner hats and puffy shirts? A grave expert fills us in on what remains. Plus, a terrifying sea creature that lurks in the waters off northern Australia.  Guests: Nicholas Bellantoni, former Connecticut State Archaeologist and author; jellyfish expert Lisa-ann Gershwin. Thanks to callers Brenda and Keira and all the listeners who shared their final wishes.

When did “the wave” become a staple of stadium crowds? ELT talks to the professional cheerleader who first got fans out of their seats. Plus, the egg-laying mammal that is not a marsupial. We give monotremes their due.Guests: professional cheerleader “Krazy” George Henderson; weird-Australian-mammal expert Robin Beck.Thanks also to callers Leslie, Natalie, and Manuel.Got a burning question that needs answering? Call now: 833-RING-ELT.

Tucked into your car’s dashboard is a tiny arrow that points to the side of the car with the gas tank cap. Who came up with it? ELT tracks down the inventor of this tiny, brilliant car hack. Plus, do you really need to warm up your car?Guests: Automobile aficionado Jason Torchinsky of Jalopnik; gas tank-indicator arrow inventor Jim Moylan. Thanks to caller Jonathan, the listeners who shared their car-spiracies, and the car experts who answered our questions.Have a tiny but important invention you want to know more about? Tell us who belongs on ELT’s Bulletin Board of Glory™. Email us at elt@gimletmedia.com.

How did they make the dinosaur roars in the Jurassic Park movies? Flora talks with the sound engineers behind the bellows. Plus, ELT goes deep into the Mesozoic to find out what what dinosaurs looked (and tasted) like. Guests: Al Nelson and Pete Horner of Skywalker Sound; dinosaur expert Thomas R. Holtz Jr.; paleontologista Jingmai O’ConnorThanks to callers Gwen and Lilah and all the listeners who sent us dinosaur questions. Send audio of your animal star to elt@gimletmedia.com 

When did someone first see a cheese curd and think, “Yeah, I’m going to eat that"? ELT traces the delicious and X-rated history of cheese. Plus, a professional processed cheese maker on how to make the most of the dairy aisle.Guests: cheese biochemist and historian Paul Kindstedt; processed cheese expert Lloyd Metzger; and cicada killer wasp biologist Chuck Holliday.Thanks to callers Kurt and Judi. Have a question that needs answering? Call the ELT Help Line #(833) RING ELT. To find a list of our sponsors and show-related promo codes, go to gimlet.media/OurAdvertisers. 

Who put the tension in reality TV? ELT tracks down the source of the nail biting-sound you can’t unhear. Plus, cicada killer wasps — a backyard horror story, turned intervention. Guests: sonic puppetmaster Rick Livingstone; cicada killer wasp expert Chuck Holliday.Thanks to callers Caitlin and Stephanie.Have a question that needs answering? Call the ELT Help Line #(833) RING ELT.  To find a list of our sponsors and show-related promo codes, go to gimlet.media/OurAdvertisers. 

DJ Casper tells us the origin story of the Cha Cha Slide. Plus, The Nod’s Brittany Luse is astonished by the unreleased Cha Cha Slide Pt. 1.Guests: The Nod’s host, Brittany Luse; Willie Perry Jr. (aka DJ Casper aka Mr. C the Slide Man); former gym rat David Wilson; radio personality and actress La Donna “Tittle in The Middle” Tittle; and BBC Radio 1 host Scott Mills.Thanks to caller Rachael and line dance guru Kenny J.Have a question that needs answering? Call the ELT Help Line #(833) RING ELT.To find a list of our sponsors and show-related promo codes, go to gimlet.media/OurAdvertisers.