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In 1996 Richard Nicolas was accused of and charged with the murder of his two year old daughter. He was convicted and is now spending the rest of his natural life in prison. The thing is - what if he didn't do it?

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In 1996, Richard Nicolas was #accused and #convicted of killing his two-year-old daughter. He's now spending the rest of his life in prison. The thing is - what if he didn’t do it? #truecrime #wrongfulconviction Social: @convictedpod Website: Host: Brooke Gittings Social: @BrookeGittings Email: Musical Genius: Blake Maples Social: @blakeofdaozarks His Website:

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Ep 203 - Karen



Karen Summers was the first victim in this story - and how was her memory honored? What she a face on a t-shirt?

Ep 202 - Origins



Could Demarchoe’s story have really started years before he was born?   We talk about how North Tulsa was created, speak candidly with people who are or were a gang member, and discuss how a person gets into a gang how they get out. Brooke attempts to discover if Demarchoe was in a gang. Also learn what happened at the hospital after Demarchoe was shot. This episode is intense with some adult language - make good choices.

Ep 201 - Perceptions



De'Marchoe Carpenter was only seventeen when he convicted of murder. A murder, that he didn't commit. For twenty-two years he dedicated life in prison verifying his innocence. Unfortunately, De'Marchoe's, story isn't a rare occurrence. When a jury convicts an innocence man beyond beyond a reasonable doubt. We the system is flawed. Through Demarchoe's story we hope to identify how we can create a true system of justice!

Despite all the evidence disproving that De'Marchoe Carpenter killed Karen Summers, he was still arrested and convicted. This series podcast outlines the issues in the justice system that leads to wrongful conviction. 

Loving, Kind, Abusive, Murderous - Is it possible for one man to have all of these traits? Who is the true Richard Nicolas? Visit our website for bonus content:

Were Richard's attorneys really a dream team or did it seem more like a nightmare? This is the case for the defense. Check out our website for bonus content:

On June 7th - the presentation of the evidence was initiated by the State. Were the prosecutors seeking justice or just trying to win? Check out our website for bonus content:

Ep 103 - Aja



Aja was a toddler, but she had a huge personality, and smile. She is so loved.  Join us for a test drive to try and gauge if Richard's version of the timeline is possible. Check out our website for bonus content:

Ep 111 - Puzzle Pieces



Brooke shares her opinion on Richard's innocence or guilt. Additionally she shares her beliefs on how the justice system is inciting misconduct and unethical practices.

Ep 104 - The Trial Begins



The trial's first issue started before it was even scheduled - the possibility of justice continued to decline throughout jury selection and throughout the entire trial. Meeting the attorney's, the judge, as the trial commences.  Check out our website for bonus content: